Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Arctic Circle

WALT :create an internal monologue for the main character.

“Screch screch”! I welled this tree for years. Day after day and all I get is one little apple. “Screch screch” aahh an apple crunch crunch! Delicious can’t believe all day for one crunchy apple. That was hard work I wish I could get more apples.Well back to work hhmm… what is that in the snow. I walk closer and closer it’s a box. Could this be a box of food I have been asking for. I touched it “Ouch”! It shocked me I touch it again zzzzzzzzzzz.

Aaaahhhh my hands and arms are orange and sparking I leaning back on the tree. Then big red apples grew on the tree I picked one CRUNCH !!
Yummy thank you box it try to go to Tim’s house. What I never said you could leave come back here. Stop come back with me why wastes your magic with Tim come and grow my apple tree.

The box rolled away come back if you're not coming back i’m going to take you back. Got you I jumped on the box now give me all the power.  POP hmmm the box is gone any way time to give all the food I want.

Aaahhhh my foot is a box got to get home quick. AAAHHHHH my other foot it’s a box Poof the lower part of body is a box. Tim Tim help I will make your tree grow big red apples please help. Nooooooo POP I was now a box, but I could still see. Tim walked out he looked around then he walked to his tree and was trying to grow apples.  

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