Thursday, 16 March 2017

Something Fishy

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Something Fishy

I was in the laundromat reading my novel about  fish. As I flipped the page a blue glowing light shone in my eyes. There I saw a sock swimming like a fish. I looked around no one was there I walked up to the washing machine. I pulled it and it opened I put my hand in it. It felt wet, I felt it again it was water it stayed in its form. I wanted to see more so I took a big breath and jumped in.

The inside looked like the ocean there was a sock fish, shirt jellyfish and beany turtles. The water was a bit soapy but don’t think it bothered them. I swam to the coin coral there were schools of fish swimming gracefully.The fish are all different colours red, orange, pink, green but I like the blue best. Then I saw the fish that lead me in here I followed it. I caught it but it got away I didn’t see it coming out of the shadows it was a Jean Shark!!!!

I froze in fear the shark's teeth were as sharp as knifes. I swam away afraid of the creature. I quickly went into the coin coral. It was coming in fast I hid behind a coral. I saw a hole of light it must be the way out, I swam. The shark was behind me then… PLOP! I was back in the laundromat I turned around the big shark was now normal jeans, or was it I was about to touch it. When a deep voice say “I think those are mine” I looked at him, it was a shark with a shirt on I gasped.

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