Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Ruin

The Ruin

It was a peaceful day in Narnian city. I was looking for answers, why did Haven Nanotech make me?  Why was the city was like this? Who made the city like this? I was on the 87th floor of Haven Nanotech and I saw a metal crate marked Facility B, that must have some answers, so I pushed it out of the window. I ran down and kicked it open and in there  was information about me. What’s that I heard a sound I heard it again something was watching me. I ran fast in fear of what they would do to me.

I slid down a wall and hopped on my motorbike. Work, work I was saying in my head and then I was off. I could hear the crinkling sound of the dry grass in my wheels. I heard beeping then the machine shot out little machines then they started to shoot things at me. At the side of my motorbike I grabbed a stick bomb and threw it at the side of a car. It went off but it didn’t break them I was in shame.

I had to lose them so I drove into a tunnel but they had lights. Then I saw something AAAHHH! I just dodged a car, there were lots of them. The little machines where doing something then they scanned the tunnel. After one of their circle bottons went purple. Then zap a purple laser came at me. Again zap the other one did the same thing. But then I saw a light and I had a plan. So at the end of the tunnel I put the last of my bombs on the ceiling it felt exciting. Then it went off, the thrill of it made me just feel safe. But it wasn’t over yet.

As the gyrocopter came back to get me. I took a big risk and it felt great. I stabbed the machine it was challenging I felt scared but I think I did it. I blacked out not knowing if it was killed. After I felt amazing and worried if they might try to get me again. I walked away feeling like a champion.      

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