Friday, 31 March 2017

Tom Trueheart

             Tom Trueheart

It wasn’t always like this until Trolls from the dark came sent from the leader of the dark, Ezmar. They destroyed our house looking for our father's sword. Taking my 6 brothers and their princess brides. I just made it out now it is time for me to stop the darkness and save my brothers. But there’s only one problem I’m the size of a thumb. But with my father’s sword of light I know that I can do it.

It’s mid Winter and I only got a bark shield and a coat made of chicken feathers. The darkness is infecting animals and plants. My sword of light can restore the good in them. But the darkness doesn’t just infect animals and plants it also can infect people like me. If that happens then the darkness will go into the sword and all is lost for the forest.

The only way to stop the darkness is if I go on to the highest mountain in the forest. But it is where Ezmar’s castle is.On the way there will infected plants, animals and tr-tr-trolls I said in fear. It is going to be quite an adventure. I had to go back to the ruins of my house.  But there looking in the bits of the house was three trolls. They had collars on that said Big, Buff and Brainless. I thought to myself wow this will be easier than I thought. I thought again can I turn things good that was first bad?

I thought of my older brother Stan he was the smart brother. “Remember Tom trolls are big and tough all you have to do is to look and be like a troll” said  Stan in my head. But how can I be a troll I look around I saw long sticks and leafs. I wonder what I could do with them. I thought of the twins Chip and Chop. Chop used sticks as stilts and pretended he was tall. Chip loved fashion he would get leafs and make coats out of them.
I got the sticks and stitched leafs on it with some string I had in my pocket. I made it stink with some mud that possums play in. I got on the sticks I remembered what Chop tort me. I walked over wobbling like jelly this was hard. I got over and said nervously “ummm Big, Buff and Brainless it’s ummm your break time I will fill in”. They look at me at me I was sweating like it was summer. Then they smelt me I could see warts all over their faces. “OK we go now” they said and their breath was horrible.  They walked away the flowers beside them died and turned into crisp.

I jumped over on the ruins of the house something was hurting my back it was the sword. It was glowing I walked around the sword shone a light under the broken part of the roof. It was a map of Ezmar’s castle the trolls must of dropped it. Under it was a telescoop I look through it and saw and infected squirrel coming.

I ran it was chasing me but then a leaf fell on my head. I fell over I turned around the squirrel was coming closer.  I got my sword out it started to glow in the squirrels eye’s. It walked back then a light from the sky pick up the squirrel. The squirrel started to spin then POP he was put back down but this time the squirrel was good. I heard a scream from Ezmar’s castle part of the forest was normal again. If I turn things good Ezmar gets weaker and weaker.

The squirrel started to talk to me.  “Your father was a friend of mine the sword can help you talk to animals I will help.” said the squirrel “OK but what’s your name”? “Sam” said the squirrel “to the tree’s” I said heroically. I could fell the snow falling on my head I licked a snowflake it was freezing. The Sam stopped I look up oh no it was acorns they were falling everywhere.  “I know why” said the Sam “The trees are infected with darkness.

The trees started to shake the Sam said “we have to get to the top”. We started to go up and up. “Ahhh is this a bad time to mention I’m afraid of heights” I said shivering. The darkness was coming the Sam jumped. “Go to my friend Barry he can dig you down to the roots of the tree” said Sam. He threw me off down a hole I looked up Sam was gone.

I ran over to a sign WARNING BARRY’S BORROW COME IN AT RISK OF YOUR LIFE!!! ): I walked closer there was a big scary shadow. I walked back slowly and out came a… cute little bunny.  “How’s there?” said the bunny “Hello my name is Tom is Barry here?” I ask  “Sam the squirrel told me that you can help”  “ what do you need help with?” said the bunny. “My 6 brothers and their princess wife have been kidnaped please help I got my father's sword.” I told him “Ok I  will help you now where do we go.” he ask “Dig down to the roots of the tree’s”. I order “hop on let’s go.” he said and we were off.

We digged down and then we made it to the roots of the tree’s. “Go Barry go right to the end and don’t stop. I will shoot the roots then the trees won’t be evil any more.” I said Barry started to run I held my sword up. But the roots started to grown they were trying to block us in. “think of what makes you happy it will make the sword more powerful.” said Barry I thought of my family my house and the forest. Then swoosh a yellow light came from the sword it blasted the tree roots. We went outside and all the trees were normal. But it wasn’t over flowers were getting infected.

They were going for me Barry and I started to run. I fell over I got back up the flower got something and through it at me. “Noooo” yelled Barry he jumped in front of me.  The dark infected his body “go to the big oak tree” said Barry. The darkness infected his whole body he wasn’t a cute bunny any more. He was a dark monster with sharp teeth and red eye’s. I heard a laugh from Ezmar’s castle she was getting stronger.

I hurried to the big oak tree there was something carved in the tree. It looked just like my sword. I placed my sword in the tree then I heard something from the top of the tree. I was a gizmo making bird sounds down came a beautiful eagle “Hi” said a deep voice “I’m Eddy”. “Hello I’m Tom can you help me safe my brothers from Ezmar. “I’m sorry but I’m looking for the man who called me here. Do you know him”. Said Eddy “yes I said because I am him” I said. “Let me see the sword” he ask “ok” I said. I held it up Eddy’s eye stared at it “hop on” I hop on Eddy’s back and we were heading for Ezmar’s castle.

We were flying I could feel the wind in my face. We land on the roof I could see my brothers and their brides. Through a window they were locked in a cage. There was a troll snoring on a chair behind them. I put down some rope and climbed down. I ran in “guy’s guy’s” I said “Tom”! They all yelled. “Don’t worry I’m here to help” I said I pick the lock with a stick.

They all hugged me “Let’s get out of here.” I said but my rope was gone. We turned around and there was a dark shadow in front of us. It was Ezmar “Hello you just got here why leave now” she said with a grin. She saw something in my bag. “What’s this” she grabbed the sword. Left the room laughing the troll asleep woke up. “Do I put them in the dungeon?” ask the troll. “No we will put them in the cage of doom!” said Ezmar.

I were in the middle of the castle Ezmar was in her thorn. The sword was
right beside us I slid through the cage. I grabbed my sword “Ezmar” I yelled. She turned around and shot something dark at me. I held the sword up I blocked it. I thought of my family a light lifted me up and through the door came lots of animal. I went down and blasted Ezmar she vanished the forest was good again.

My brothers and their wives came up to me. They said that I Tom Trueheart was now the King of the forest of light. All the animals surrounded gave me a crown they screamed.  “Yay Tom the king of the forest of light” I smile.

Mice For Sale

WALT: Find proof in the text.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Maths DLO

This week I learnt about using a number line and compensation to solve equations.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Arctic Circle

WALT :create an internal monologue for the main character.

“Screch screch”! I welled this tree for years. Day after day and all I get is one little apple. “Screch screch” aahh an apple crunch crunch! Delicious can’t believe all day for one crunchy apple. That was hard work I wish I could get more apples.Well back to work hhmm… what is that in the snow. I walk closer and closer it’s a box. Could this be a box of food I have been asking for. I touched it “Ouch”! It shocked me I touch it again zzzzzzzzzzz.

Aaaahhhh my hands and arms are orange and sparking I leaning back on the tree. Then big red apples grew on the tree I picked one CRUNCH !!
Yummy thank you box it try to go to Tim’s house. What I never said you could leave come back here. Stop come back with me why wastes your magic with Tim come and grow my apple tree.

The box rolled away come back if you're not coming back i’m going to take you back. Got you I jumped on the box now give me all the power.  POP hmmm the box is gone any way time to give all the food I want.

Aaahhhh my foot is a box got to get home quick. AAAHHHHH my other foot it’s a box Poof the lower part of body is a box. Tim Tim help I will make your tree grow big red apples please help. Nooooooo POP I was now a box, but I could still see. Tim walked out he looked around then he walked to his tree and was trying to grow apples.  

Dragon Fruit

WALT find specific evidence in the text.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Ruin

The Ruin

It was a peaceful day in Narnian city. I was looking for answers, why did Haven Nanotech make me?  Why was the city was like this? Who made the city like this? I was on the 87th floor of Haven Nanotech and I saw a metal crate marked Facility B, that must have some answers, so I pushed it out of the window. I ran down and kicked it open and in there  was information about me. What’s that I heard a sound I heard it again something was watching me. I ran fast in fear of what they would do to me.

I slid down a wall and hopped on my motorbike. Work, work I was saying in my head and then I was off. I could hear the crinkling sound of the dry grass in my wheels. I heard beeping then the machine shot out little machines then they started to shoot things at me. At the side of my motorbike I grabbed a stick bomb and threw it at the side of a car. It went off but it didn’t break them I was in shame.

I had to lose them so I drove into a tunnel but they had lights. Then I saw something AAAHHH! I just dodged a car, there were lots of them. The little machines where doing something then they scanned the tunnel. After one of their circle bottons went purple. Then zap a purple laser came at me. Again zap the other one did the same thing. But then I saw a light and I had a plan. So at the end of the tunnel I put the last of my bombs on the ceiling it felt exciting. Then it went off, the thrill of it made me just feel safe. But it wasn’t over yet.

As the gyrocopter came back to get me. I took a big risk and it felt great. I stabbed the machine it was challenging I felt scared but I think I did it. I blacked out not knowing if it was killed. After I felt amazing and worried if they might try to get me again. I walked away feeling like a champion.      

Something Fishy

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 11.15.34 AM.png

WALT: Use correct punctuation
Something Fishy

I was in the laundromat reading my novel about  fish. As I flipped the page a blue glowing light shone in my eyes. There I saw a sock swimming like a fish. I looked around no one was there I walked up to the washing machine. I pulled it and it opened I put my hand in it. It felt wet, I felt it again it was water it stayed in its form. I wanted to see more so I took a big breath and jumped in.

The inside looked like the ocean there was a sock fish, shirt jellyfish and beany turtles. The water was a bit soapy but don’t think it bothered them. I swam to the coin coral there were schools of fish swimming gracefully.The fish are all different colours red, orange, pink, green but I like the blue best. Then I saw the fish that lead me in here I followed it. I caught it but it got away I didn’t see it coming out of the shadows it was a Jean Shark!!!!

I froze in fear the shark's teeth were as sharp as knifes. I swam away afraid of the creature. I quickly went into the coin coral. It was coming in fast I hid behind a coral. I saw a hole of light it must be the way out, I swam. The shark was behind me then… PLOP! I was back in the laundromat I turned around the big shark was now normal jeans, or was it I was about to touch it. When a deep voice say “I think those are mine” I looked at him, it was a shark with a shirt on I gasped.

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

This week we have been reading The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.Hope you enjoy the information.

Pangarau DLO

This is my DLO about learning 10 ones make 1 ten and 10 tens make 1 hundred can help us solve problems.
Hope you enjoy please tell things I did wrong and things I did right I would like to know for my future post.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Te Reo Maori 2017

Kia ora whanau
This is my collection of whakatauki and what they mean.
I hope you enjoy reading I will be adding a new slide every week.
I like the messages in the slide in Maori and English.
If you want to know more please comment.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Nau mai, haere mai ki tēnei taonga

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