Friday, 11 August 2017

Whale Fantasia

Whale Fantasia

I loved exploring I could never keep still. I am now swimming in the Pacific Ocean I felt like a fish. With my two friends Erin and Mandy we explore the unknown. We went in and out of caves swimming past schools of fish. We gracefully glide through the water under all the waves. They looked like white clouds getting pushed by the wind. I twist and turn as the sun shone brightly through the water. I felt as if I was in a dream. I swim above coral and sand I felt like I was flying. I touched some sea weed it was as slimy as a slug.

As we ventured deeper and deeper into the unknown, the light of the sun is becoming dim. Their was outstanding fish in all different colours. I guess they can see just fine in the dark parts of the ocean. We all swam up to see the light of day when we all saw something big swim past. We all started swimming to it. We were right behind it when all of a sudden it stopped. We all swam in front of it and then out of nowhere two other whales came.

They were a family it was an amazing site. The whales looked so majestic we touched their skin it felt as hard as concrete. One of the whales did a twirl with it’s stomach up. We could see all the barnacles stuck to it, they looked dull and bumpy. The barnacles looked like sand with rocks in it.

All of us twist and twirled as the whales made boisterous noises. They swam down deeper into the ocean they got smaller as they swam away . Now I can tell the tale about how I swam with whale. There was still lots and lots of ocean to explore. But we all guessed that our adventure was over. We swam to the surface it was late afternoon. We told everyone about our adventure and I will always remember the time I swam with whales.            

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